About: Felix Feles

'Felix Feles' means 'lucky cat' in Latin. I may not be lucky. I may not be a cat, but I like the name. With thanks to 'Random.org - Geographic Coordinates' for my lovely choice of house, and location. The sea is very nice there, and New Zealand is lovely. My love of books originates from the fact, thanks to the Tagline on the Blog, that I do not have a television in my house. I did not want one, anyway, but, being a toddler when the first broke and was never repaired, I never really had a choice in the matter. I read book all the time, and have a big vocabulary. I may not be able to spell every single word I use, but I can say them and define them. I think that I am slightly dyslexic, as I have always had big problems with grammer, spelling, punctuation. I survive. I like my life, and want to be something to do with Physical Geography when I 'gwoh-up'. My favourite colour is indigo, and my favourite food is home-made spaghetti carbonara.

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