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My favourite series has to be the Maximum Ride series. I’m sure, over time, when I become more mature, then I will find something better. At the moment, this is it. The series is by James Patterson. There are currently seven books. It has everything that a series should; a little romance, plenty adventure, magic/supernatural, dry humour, and loads more.  
It is about Max Ride, a winged kid, age 14-15. She and the others, Fang (14-15), Iggy (14-15), Nudge (12-13), the Gasman (8-9) and Angel (6-7). They are all winged kids, with supernatural abilities. Angel can read minds, Iggy is blind but can sense literally anything. Fang can kind of fade, using his ‘stillness’. Max can fly at superspeed.
They are all on the run, from an evil mega-company, Itex, who created them in a place called the ‘School’. They have many adventures, and get hunted by creatures known as ‘Erasers’, who are human-lupine hybrids. Basically, were-wolves that don’t need a full moon to change.
Max is the main narrater (first person) . She is feisty and smart, with a dry sense of humour. She is the leader of the flock. She is good at making excuses, and is always alert. Her second in command is Fang, quiet and clever.
As the books progresses, they all grow up a bit. The more sophisticated the plot becomes, the more confusing it becomes about who the antagonist actually is. They change every few books.
I would recommend this series to anyone who like books with adventure, humour and a bit of supernatural. They are aimed at teens, but anyone could read them. There is the odd swearword, but that is it.    

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